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If you’re even remotely familiar with Apple, you know that they established a new standard for laptops when the first modern era MacBooks started to come out. The MacBook Pro represents the very top tier of MacBooks, combining a thin profile and lightweight with performance that rivals a desktop.


  • Company: Apple
  • Model: MacBook Pro MF839LL/A
  • ​CPU: Intel Core i5 2.7GHz
  • ​GPU : Integrated
  • ​RAM: 8GB
  • Drive Type: 128GB SSD
  • Display Size/Resolution: 13.3” 2560 x 1600 Retina Display
  • ​​Weight: 2.03 lbs.
  • ​Thickness: 0.71”
  • Battery Life: 9 Hours
Macbook Pro

The newer MacBook Air models have taken substantial leaps forward in recent years, and while that may be good for those that can afford brand new ones, it’s not ideal for anyone who wants to keep their price points lower while still getting a high end laptop.

This MacBook Pro is from 2015, so you’re getting a model that was introduced after Apple began to create much more improved versions of their MacBook series. You’re also getting the performance and capability of a MacBook Pro at a much better price.

Notable Features

This laptop may technically older, but it’s still on par or better than most upper tier laptops that can cost hundreds of dollars more. You get powerful processing abilities, all the versatility and compatibility Apple’s are known for, and one of the best display qualities around.

Apple doesn’t focus on eye-catching features with the MacBook Pros, but there are a few unique ones worth mentioning.

  • Retina Display - The high pixel density of a MacBook Pro is made possible by its Retina Display that manages to create life-like colors and images with unrivaled detail. That’s a big reason as to why so many photographers prefer MacBook Pros. The difference is huge.
  • FaceTime - FaceTime capability makes it easy to call other friends on iOS devices while behind your laptop, rather than an iPhone. The HD webcam makes your video quality incredibly clear on the other end.
  • Force Touch Trackpad - The old trackpads on MacBooks weren’t so great, but the new Force Touch versions are a huge improvement. You can click from anywhere with a more consistent feel, and use pressure instead of swiping for many controls.


This MacBook Pro doesn’t mess around. The Intel Dual-Core i5 processor provides a very big 2.7GHz of power, which is a big reason as to why everything runs so fast. Large audio and video programs are no match for this processor, and you can keep other tasks running smoothly too.

Available memory is where it should be as well, with 8GB of DDR3L RAM. you can keep all of your essential programs open, play some music, and have a full internet browser going without any noticeable lagging issues. That includes editing software, which is big with many MacBook Pro users.

An Intel Iris Graphics GPU offers smooth graphics and frame rates with videos and movies, and even some games if that’s your thing. It’s hard to put my finger on it, but the video quality here seems better than what it should be for a non-NVIDIA GPU.

The screen is one of my favorite parts of this MacBook Pro. I normally don’t favor 13.3-inch screen, but when it’s on a MacBook, I have no problem with it at all. I’m sure the 2560 x 1600 Retina Display with millions of pixels may have something to do with that.

Macbook Pro

The visuals on the MacBook Pro are as detailed as you’ll see. This is a big reason as to why they are so popular with media professionals who need to edit on the go with exact precision. Even if you don’t need this much detail, you’ll definitely appreciate it.

External sound has never been a priority for MacBooks, and that's the case here. You’ll be better off with headphones, and the integrated sound processor works just fine. The newer Force Touch Trackpad is another aspect I really like with this MacBook Pro, as it’s way better than the older version.

Connectability is a huge selling point for MacBook Pros, as many use them for audio and visual purposes, including live sound. This MacBook Pro has Thunderbolt2 support, and two USB 3.0 ports too. You also get an HDMI port, Bluetooth 4.0, and the very fast 802.11ac wireless support.

Storage could be a bit better, and that’s maybe the one knock I have on this particular model. You do get a lightning-fast SSD, so that’s good. OS X Yosemite is the included operating system with this particular MacBook Pro, which I am a fan of, as are many others.

User Reviews

Fellow user reviews are about what you’d expect. This is a MacBook Pro after all. Many reviewers have much to say about the Retina Display, while others voiced their approval of the new Force Touch trackpad.

Most of the reviews also express appreciation for the 9 hours of battery life, and the MacBook Pro’s overall ability to handle large programs when under pressure, easily managing the load every time.

Buying Advice

I mentioned the low storage space, but you do have the option to get either a 256GB version, or my personal preference, the 512GB version. That’s what I’d recommend -- that way you don’t worry about all of your music and videos taking up all your space.

Apple MacBook Pro

As always, I want to stress the importance of getting a protection plan as well. Amazon has some great deals on them, which also includes this particular MacBook Pro for around $1,200.


Just as I expected, this MacBook Pro is still a force in terms of all it can handle and perform. The small, thin size and 2 lb. weight make it one of the most transportable laptops around, while still being able to deliver an imposing amount of speed and power.

The Retina Display really sets the MacBook Pro apart, and will probably spoil you when it comes to screen quality from other laptops. That’s fine though, as you’ll likely be hanging onto this laptop for years to come, upgrading the OS to stay current. If you want an affordable MacBook Pro, this is the one to get.

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