HP Pavilion 15t-au147cl Review

Hp Pavilion 15t

Sometimes it may be a little easier when shopping for laptops with specific requirements, such as gaming laptops and ultrabooks. If you’re out looking for a standard laptop that’s needed for daily tasks, but still want enough powers and capability to handle large programs and media, things get a bit more complicated.


  • Company: HP
  • Model: 15t-au147cl
  • ​CPU: 7th Generation Intel Core 2.7GHz
  • ​GPU: NVIDIA GeForce 940MX
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • Drive Type: 1TB HDD
  • ​Display Size/Resolution: 15.6” Diagonal HD 1366 x 768
  • ​​Weight: 4.5 lbs.
  • ​Thickness: 0.89”
  • Battery Life: 8 Hours

There are plenty of laptops out there that try to wow consumers with a bunch of flashy features, or new designs that make them look better than they actually function, which only adds to the confusion. What about those that just want a good solid laptop, and wouldn't mind some of those newer features?

HP’s Pavilion series seeks to satisfy those who are more of this mindset, without pricing the laptop too far out of reach. This particular 15t model is certainly strong contender for those who want a high-powered laptop with increased functionality, without having to drain their savings.

Notable Features

HP is widely regarded as a top laptop manufacturers, consistently putting out quality laptops that aim for versatility and function over anything else. The 15t is one of their flagship lines, and it gives buyers a lot of laptop for the money.

The 15t isn’t very flashy, but it does posses some key features that are very appealing.

  • Touchscreen - The 15t is built with a 15.6” HD touchscreen giving users another option when navigating through menus, web browsing, or really anything else. It offers this without being a full-fledged hybrid tablet laptop, which many will appreciate.
  • DVD/RW Drive - It’s somewhat hard to find laptops that still have optical drives, so the option to watch DVDs and burn your own CDs is a nice inclusion for those who may be inclined.
  • ​HD Webcam - Video chatting and video recordings aren’t so great when using a mediocre camera, which many laptops seem to struggle with. The HD quality of this one is much better than most.
  • B&O PLAY Sound - Laptop sound engineering was never the best, but B&O PLAY sound processing is a huge step up from a standard system. Speakers and headphones benefit in every way.


The 15t’s processing power is pretty impressive for its price. This model makes use of a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor, clocking in at 2.7GHz. That’s definitely enough to ensure smooth operation throughout, whether it’s graphics, audio, battery conservation, or switching back and forth between tabs and programs.

Throw in 16GB of DDR RAM on top of that, and you have yourself a noticeably fast laptop that will never give you problems with lagging and freezing up when you’ve got 8 or 9 tabs open in your browser, while playing music, and running a word processor. If you’re a student or business professional, you’ll be thankful for the speed.

Pavilion 15t Touch

The graphics on this 15t are impressive as well. With its NVIDIA GeForce 940MX GPU, you get graphics and frame rates that are on par with some of the lower end gaming laptops out there. The result is a fluid video and image experience, with vibrant colors that stand out.

I’m a big fan of 15.6” screens, as they are the perfect inbetween size with a 17” and a 13” screen. The GPU does this screen size justice, along with an adequate screen resolution. The touchscreen is very responsive, and is easy to use whenever you feel like it. It’s nice to have the option, and you may find yourself using it more than you’d think.

The B&O PLAY audio engineering is one of my favorite parts to this laptop. The internal speakers probably wouldn't sound so great on a different laptop, but they come to life here. If you plug in headphones, be ready for an infinitely better experience.

If you sometimes have the need for external devices, or want to use another monitor, you’re in luck. The 15t has all of the ports you could ever need, including USB 3.0, USB, HDMI, Ethernet, and LAN ports, along with Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac wireless support. All current, all fast.

Pavilion Ports

Battery life is surprisingly solid as well, with 8 hours being the average when using the laptop for smaller tasks. That’s enough to charge and take with you for the day, be it work or class. I prefer lots of storage for things like music and photos, so the 1TB HDD is a huge plus.

User Reviews

Other users I’ve looked at largely agree with me. Most of the reviews I’ve looked at show fellow buyers who are happy with the screen quality, touch screen, and large storage space, not to mention how fast it is at all times. The DVD drive is brought up a lot too.

Buying Advice

This 15t is available online in a variety of outlets, but Amazon always seems to have the lowest price, plus you can get fast shipping that’s usually free. I’d suggest getting a 4-year accident protection plan as well, since this laptop isn’t on the cheap end of things. Not expensive, but not priced like a notebook or Chromebook either.

Pavilion 15t Review


I’ve always been a fan of HP laptops, so I’m going to have to recommend this one quite strongly. It literally has everything you need out of a high-performance laptop, all the was down to the DVD drive, touchscreen, and superior sound quality.

The 15t is versatile and capable of doing most any task. It’s not an ultrabook due to its weight, but it’s still on the lighter end, and is less than an inch thick. The memory and hard drive amounts are high enough to where you don’t have to worry having an outdated computer in just a year or two.

This is one of the best laptops you’ll find for under $800 in terms of power, features, and storage. If you need a mid-priced, do-it-all laptop, this is it.

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